What Really Happened to JFK Jr?

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

JFK Jr. Channeled and his message…

JFK Jr Channeled Message

The Kennedy so-called curse was really about the Kennedy’s philosophy and activism, and it wasn’t really a curse. They were murdered to silence them. He was murdered to silence him.

He says there was a child with them in the plane when they crashed, which insinuates his wife might have been pregnant.

Yeah, that is what I originally thought. JFK Jr. wanted to expose the deep state and the Zionist plans, like what his father was doing when he was murdered.

Did JFK Jr know about his father’s death? He had discovered it unexpectedly on his own. It was a revelation for him because everything was different than it was actually presented. And, everything that was announced to the public was a lie. Very powerful people were going to be exposed via his father’s work, which lead to his father’s murder.

Many countries were working together on something, and JFK JR was trying to expose it, which lead to his death in that plane crash with his wife and her sister. He reiterates that his wife was pregnant at the time.

He encourages everyone to make a difference in society, community or the world.



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