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5 min readJan 28, 2022


Wake-Up Call 190

Friday, 1.28.22

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I had gone to bed early last night, around 9:30pm, but as I was going to bed, I had an intuitive dream urging me with, “190, 190, 190!” I jumped out of bed right away because I figured it was some kind of sign. I researched the symbolism for the number 190 on my iPhone, which kept me awake a little longer because it was interesting.

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190 is an angel number, urging me to follow my passions from my angels and Ascended Masters. Moreover, they want me to work on humanitarianism and generosity related work. It is also about bringing out my positive attributes to help me become even more outgoing, determined, and focused.

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Angel Number 190 is telling me that I am unique because of my special talents, qualities, and gifts. And, my Angel Guides want me to use what I have been blessed with by God in order to make my world much better as well as much more livable. They also want me to dream big, aiming high and wide because there is no goal too big for me to accomplish. They guarantee me that my efforts will be fruitful.

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They also want to thank me for all my good moves I have done in my life, and I should keep it up, making such positive choices that will eventually lead to spiritual enlightenment and awakening. I should share and inspire others.

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I will soon achieve my goals and dreams, as I maintain a positive mindset, because new and wonderful things will happen soon, improving my current situation. Fresh start, new beginnings, and new opportunities are on the way, ready to further enrich my life, filled with growth and success. (This makes sense because March and springtime are a sign of new beginnings). Visualization…



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