Tips to Unclog Sink Due to Coconut Oil Rinse

Wednesday, 12.8.21

Photo by Hà Nguyễn on Unsplash

I woke up early to go to the gym. I got dressed, fed Gumby, and ate my own breakfast, before swishing coconut oil in my mouth for twenty minutes. When I spit it out the coconut oil into my bathroom sink and brushed my teeth, I noticed my bathroom sink started clogging up. I did hear about coconut oil clogging up the drain on someone’s Youtube video. But where else would I spit it out? The toilet? It might clog it up, as well. Outside? Gross.

Photo by Delfina Cocciardi on Unsplash

I googled clogged sinks due to coconut oil. I noticed hot water and white vinegar tends to unclog sink drains. So, I spent until ten o’clock trying to unclog my bathroom sink — microwaving hot water, pouring some white vinegar, and using the long metal thing used to unclog sinks, even though there wasn’t any hair to pull out.

After unclogging my bathroom sink, I decided to wash it with AJAX. It took me two hours to unclog my sink. I even considered calling a plumber and wasting a lot of money to do it, but I figured I will try out various Internet tips before I give up or surrender to an expensive plumber.

Photo by Yosef Ariel on Unsplash

Today’s morning gym workout turned into clean fucking sink day. I think I will start spitting into the kitchen sink because the drain opening is bigger, and might be easier to clean afterward. I might as well do other errands today, such as get gas, do laundry, and other housework.



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