Tips For Artist’s Block

Wednesday, 10.27.21

I am also a graphic designer and photographer. I have been drawing as well as doing various arts & crafts projects since I was a kid because I love working with colors to express myself creatively. I have also decorated two denim jackets with gem studs, colorful iron-on patches and interesting pins.

I am currently working on decorating an old cargo jacket that I recently accidentally messed up in the washer because I forgot to take it out right away. I have always liked that jacket, even though I had originally bought it at a sample sale in the garment district during the 80s and it was only five dollars. It was light and fun, and I often enjoyed wearing it during the summertime over a tank top, similar to a loose shirt. But the recent washer accident had created some holes on different areas, tears, and black dots. I have soaked it a couple of times in water and Borax and OxiBrite, as well as hanging it in my backyard to dry in the sun. It has faded a little. But I have finally decided to renovate it in order to save one of my favorite jackets. I have recently bought some colorful patches from Joanns arts & crafts store, and I have, so far, ironed on most of one sleeve. I still need more work on my current art project or jacket renovation project.

But, this week, I am taking a break because this Mercury Retrograde Red October has been draining me and slowing me down in many ways. Shit has been hitting me all month, and I am currently working on fixing many recent unexpected issues, which includes my jacket renovation project.

I am hoping my life in November is back to normal. But what is normal nowadays? ‘Normal’ is now defined as the “New Normal,” which is now a new way of adjusting and adapting to future changes.

My tips for artist’s block are similar to writer’s block. It mostly involves walking or hiking in nature for meditation and inspiration, listening to dreams, and browsing inside art galleries, museums and malls to check out other people’s art and style for inspiration. Busy public venues are perfect places to grab a cup of coffee or tea and just hang out, people-watching different people as well as observing the overall ambiance and scene.

PS. Can you find my name in the above snapshot of the wall art that people can draw or write on with their finger?



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Fifi Leigh

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, but raised in America, and now a Cali Girl.