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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Fifi Leigh
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This morning, I went to the South Coast Metro gym again for my morning gym workout. After a couple of minutes warming up inside the steam room and sauna, which was actually meditative, I decided to briskly walk on the treadmill.

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I decided to do the London, England trail. There was just a map, in which I noticed two bridges, a large greenery area, streets and buildings. The trail goes around the greenery area — which might be a park, because it continues through streets, between buildings — I am not sure if it is a residential area, businesses, or both — before crossing a bridge, walking alongside the river, and crossing back on another bridge.

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As I was walking on the treadmill, it mostly felt flat, but with slight elevation between -3 to 5.5. I ended up walking 65 minutes and 11 seconds and 4.34 miles, burning 695 calories. I maintained my usual walking speed of 4.0 mph because that is what I am most comfortable with as a walker. Any faster, I would be jogging or running, while any slower, I might as well be the walking dead.

I found a video displaying a London, England 4K walking tour. It goes by Westminster Bridge, Big Ben, The Queen’s Walk, Tate Museum, London Bridge, Millennium Wheel, Thames River, London Eye, London Dungeon, Sea Life London Aquarium, Southbank Skatepark, Jubilee Gardens, and Coca Cola London Eye.

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I haven’t been to London since August of 1977, when I was 12, with my family on a European Vacation, which we also went to Rome, Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich, Istanbul, and Barcelona airport — we had to leave because of political problems in the city. We flew back to London, two hours later, and stayed in London longer before we flew home, which at that time was in WV.

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I notice this video was posted in June 2019, when life was normal, before all the NWO shit hit the fan worldwide.

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It looks like a fun and entertaining walk, checking out the London city life and people-watching, kind of like NYC and LA, which are similar to large outdoor malls.

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As I walked out of the gym at 12:00 o’clock noon, I noticed the grounds were wet, but the rain was light. I walked slowly towards my parked car, forgetting that it was raining on me because the light rain felt good.

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I returned home and took a shower, before making my lunch. I opened my fridge to noticed I need to buy a new filter. I need to go on another errand tomorrow morning.



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