The Day After Xmas…

Sunday, 12.26.21

Bloomingdales pink and black outfits

I woke up in the morning and noticed the yoga meetup was cancelled. I had a feeling it would be cancelled for some reason. I took my time in the morning. I didn’t have any plans. After my morning Trader Joe’s Gingerbread coffee with my vitamins and a vegan cookie, I decided to walk around in South Coast Plaza to check out the after xmas sales as well as the crowd in the mall.

Bloomingdales black and pink outfits

I noticed there were long lines next to the luxury high-end designer boutiques. The mall was very busy. Besides window-shopping and people-watching while walking around everywhere to get my walking exercise for the day, I decided to stop at certain stores to check out their sales. I found 3 designer clothing items at Macys, which were on sale and sale prices were half price. I decided to get them, and when I bought them, I received a $10 coupon on anything in the store, which expires next December. I decided to use it right away because I am likely to forget about it. So, I went upstairs and bought something else I was interested in since last month, but it wasn’t on sale.

Bloomingdales Black and Red with Glitter and Shine accent.

I walked all over the mall, as well as across the bridge to the other part of the mall, and then across the street to the MetroPointe outlet area. Then, I walked back over the bridge and toward the parking lot. I noticed I was walking around for 3 hours, getting lost in the crowd and just mostly absorbing myself into the hustle and bustle of the busy mall environment.

South Coast Plaza bridge that connects both sides of the mall.

When I returned home, I noticed I walked 3.2 miles and 8,054 steps within a 3-hour period. That is not bad for casual walking or taking a stroll inside a mall as well as outside around the mall.

View of evening traffic from the bridge
South Coast Plaza holiday decor
New cafe, Moulin, opened by escalator
Escalator to the bridge
View from bridge on other side



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