The Dark History of December 25th

Friday, December 24, 2021

This video makes sense to me because I have always felt that December 25th wasn’t Jesus’ real birthday anyway. I have always felt it was actually during springtime. And, with further research, I found out it was actually in March during springtime. He is most likely a Pisces.

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The god of Saturn? Saturn is quite a dark planet. Jupiter is the party planet. The dark occult celebrates around this time of year with their rituals and sacrifices of mostly young people, while the Romans did a lot of partying. December 25th is actually a day that the dark occult Illuminati worship their pagan gods because it was the birthdays of pagan gods Nimrod and Tammuz.

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The Illuminati are currently in short supply for their adrenochrome? Is that why many celebrities look like shit on videos? They won’t be celebrating Nimrod and Tammuz’ birthday this year? This xmas will be a great xmas? Their dark energy is being taken out this year.

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The people have been spell-cast with the spelling of words? Through commercialism? I think it is through MK-Ultra mind control and subliminal symbolism in commercialism. Consider celebrating all December as a reunion celebration with your family and friends. Celebrate Christmas on a different day than on this occult day because the Messiah shouldn’t be celebrated on this dark day, which is an insult. Or, if you want to give gifts, then consider giving gifts in March, around springtime, which actually represents a new beginning, both Messiah’s real birthday and the actual first month in the calendar year.

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I also noticed that many cultures celebrate the New Year in March around springtime, such as Noruz, and other cultures. March was originally the first month in the calendar year until the Roman Empire added January and February before March.

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None of the holidays have anything to do with religion. So, it is best to create your own traditions based on your own holidays that you alone prefer to celebrate. Pick your own dates for your celebrations, unless you enjoy celebrating with the dark occult to give them more power and energy for their dark acts.

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Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, but raised in America, and now a Cali Girl.

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Fifi Leigh

Fifi Leigh

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, but raised in America, and now a Cali Girl.

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