Sudden Windows 11 Upgrade?

Sunday, 12.19.21

Photo by Windows on Unsplash

Two days ago, as I was about to sign off and shut down my computer at the end of the day, I noticed an option to upgrade and shut down. So, I pressed that and went to bed. I woke up the next morning, suddenly realizing the upgrade not just added new upgrades, but also Windows 11. I noticed the platform has now changed, and everything looked different, which is confusing, but it still looks more organized. Today, the computer is telling me that my computer storage is running out of space, and I should delete the old version.

Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash

I wonder if this is Microsoft’s way of forcing people to buy Windows 11, or if Windows 11 is really free this time. Last time, when I had Windows 7, I kept getting post on my desktop to get the new Windows download for free. So, I eventually decided to click on it, and I got Windows 10 on my Windows 7 computer. After a couple of months, I started getting pop-ups on my desktop, warning me that I should either buy the full Windows 10 or buy a new computer. So, I went back to Windows 7. Then, I started to get pop-ups, warning me to start saving everything on my computer before I start losing things, since I am still using Windows 7, or buy a new computer with Windows 10. I suddenly started experiencing computer glitches while using Windows 7, which is probably Microsoft’s way of trying to force me to get Windows 10.

I eventually went to Best Buy and bought I new computer with Windows 10, even though there was nothing wrong with my computer’s Windows 7, except Microsoft’s harassment to upgrade or buy a new computer.

I don’t need to start collecting computers with different Windows versions now. I am wondering if this is all the same cycle, forcing me to upgrade into a new version, or crazy things will eventually happen on my computer, and I will end up being forced to buy a new computer with the upgraded full version.

My desktop looks different, and I noticed I now have TikTok on my computer. I just clicked on it, and the new platform installed it automatically. I am not even on TikTok. I have just watched some TikTok videos on Youtube. I also heard that TikTok has tracking devices.

This morning, I noticed Windows 11 is asking me if I wanted to delete the old version because I don’t have enough storage space on my hard drive. This is ridiculous. It is trying to control my buying decisions. I wonder if I should go to the previous version, which will continue the cycle to either buy a new computer with Windows 11 or delete my old version.

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Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, but raised in America, and now a Cali Girl.

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Fifi Leigh

Fifi Leigh

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, but raised in America, and now a Cali Girl.

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