Spring 2022 Events at the Local Mall

Fifi Leigh
2 min readApr 21, 2022

Wednesday, 4.20.22

My snapshot of today’s private party for Fleurs De Villes Femme at the mall

Spring Garden Show 2022 Nature Centerpiece for this year’s Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza depict wildlife in nature, living harmoniously together on earth. This four-day home and garden event will start on Thursday, April 21 and continue until Sunday, April 24th at 6pm. Three floors around the Crystal Court are filled with potted plants and gardening items. It is interesting to browse the area, even though I don’t have a green thumb. There are many workshops during the four-day home and gardening event.

Inside South Coast Plaza main mall, there was a private party for Fleurs De Villes Femmes event, where 16 mannequins modeled a different flowy floral gown. This event also represented springtime because of the nature theme, greenery, and the rainbow-colored flowers. Each mannequin represented a different woman in American History. (I have never heard of some of them, but I guess each are some kind of role model for women in current society).

My snapshot of today’s private party at the mall
My snapshot of the private party for the Fleurs De Villes Femme at the mall
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