Rosemary’s Baby Analyzed

Thursday, 10.28.21

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

One of my favorite classic movies to watch is Rosemary’s Baby by Roman Polanski. The more I watch it on the indie channel, the more I discover something new that I had overlooked or not really paid too much attention to during the previous times.

This morning, while browsing on the internet, the TV was also on one of the indie channels I subscribe to. I heard the theme song to Rosemary’s Baby starting, and I decided to watch it again.

This time, I noticed that Rosemary’s female friends looked similar to certain actresses during the sixties. They reminded me of Connie Stevens, Tina Louise, Dawn Wells, and Barbara Hershey.

Moreover, the Rosemary character, played by Mia Farrow, actually reminds me of Sharon Tate, or what I have heard about her on Youtube videos since I wasn’t aware of her existence when she was alive. I was only 5 in 1969 when she died. I am just wondering if Sharon Tate’s life had inspired her husband Roman Polanski to create this film, based on her, but he changed names. Sharon Tate’s friend, Abigail Folgers, who was murdered in that mass murder scene by the Manson Family, was an heir to the Folgers coffee company.

I remember watching a video about Sharon Tate, which stated that she wanted to escape some cult to save her unborn baby. They wanted to use her baby in some satanic rituals or whatever they do.

As for Rosemary’s friends in the movie that looked like certain actresses, I am wondering if these specific actresses were involved in the cult. I remember hearing somewhere that Tina Louise was a satanist and Barbara Hershey is an heir to the Hershey Company. It appears incorrect that Anton LaVey played Satan in the movie, Rosemary’s Baby, when he rapes Rosemary in that famous satanic ritual scene, which also looks like the orgy satanic ritual scene in Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick. Another actor was hired to play Satan. In that satanic ritual scene, there were also people who looked like Jackie Onassis Kennedy and the Pope, which insinuates that politicians, clergy and Pope himself are also a part of the cult. Nowadays, this is becoming very obvious. The Pope or clergyman in the ritual scene was wearing the same round silver jewelry piece as a ring as the necklace pendant Rosemary wore around a chain with tannis root. I am not even sure if that woman was really Jackie Kennedy or an actress who was made to look exactly like her.

Rosemary’s husband, Guy Woodhouse, had sold himself to Satan for more acting jobs, fame, and fortune. He let the old Satanist couple use his wife to create the anti-christ baby. The Satanist couple made an actor go blind so Guy would get his job. And, Guy stole one of Hutch’s gloves so that the Satanist couple can do voodoo on Hutch to eventually kill him. (Hutch apparently knew too much about witches and he was very close to Rosemary).

And, it was also obvious that the old Satanic couple had killed that girl, Teri, probably because she refused to do what they wanted her to do, and they eventually gave Teri’s necklace with tannis root to Rosemary, passing the torch to Rosemary as the new designated mother of their anti-christ.

Rosemary’s second doctor smelled like tannis root, which woke up Rosemary to realize they are all connected, like the book that Hutch had given to her as a gift and Guy had thrown away into the trash.

I do believe that many people in Hollywood and media industry are connected to Satanism and Witchcraft, which leads them to their fame, wealth, and power.



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