Remembering Hinton WV

Fifi Leigh
4 min readJun 12, 2022

Saturday, 6.11.22, The Ghost Town

Photo by Kevin Noble on Unsplash

For some reason this week, while I was browsing on Youtube, I noticed some Hinton, WV videos. So, I decided to click on them for fun to see what Hinton looks like nowadays, and if I remember any of these areas. I was raised in Hinton from age 7 to 14, in which we finally escaped to California.

Photo by Pavel Neznanov on Unsplash

The nature is beautiful to look at, but the town is actually boring as fuck ghost town. I was mostly hanging out at someone’s house or reading Highlights and Tiger Beat magazines at home, as well as entertaining myself with my own toys. I also drew all the time when I was young because I didn’t have anything else to do. So, this boring town encouraged me to work on my drawing and art skills as well as doing things creatively.

This first video was posted on June 22, 2019. As I watched this video, I tried to look for familiar buildings and places. The town has mostly changed. But I did notice few places — the courthouse, bank, my late father’s medical office, a friend’s house, next to the courthouse, Hinton High School, which includes 7th and 8th grade, Kroger, Dairy Queen, and Sandman Motel.

I noticed the town theater has now been remodeled. I remember hearing from someone on Classmates that Sheila’s older brother had renovated the theater because it was falling apart. I was thinking to myself, where were they in the 70s? The theater looked like shit back then. In the videos, I also noticed my late father’s medical office, which is the red house, next to the barber shop and across the street from Hellems General Store. Janie Hellems was in my class, and I was friends with her. I have been to the courthouse with another friend, Amy, because her father was a lawyer who worked there. Across from the courthouse, there was a thrift store. And, Amy’s friend, Renee, lived in that area. Hinton High School was close by, in which I often walked to the office for…

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