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Fifi Leigh
3 min readApr 25, 2022

Sunday, 4.24.22

Someone took a snapshot of me inside an Easter Bunny Gazebo. Cute background painting

I checked out the last day of the Spring Garden Show 2022. I didn’t see anything new. I checked out the 16 Fleurs de Villes mannequins again, and their floral gown and accessories, comprised of many colorful flowers, leaves, and other nature pieces. Interesting artwork, more like art sculpture installations. Many people where taking snapshots. They fixed a mannequin’s greenery gown that was drying out and falling apart yesterday. I decided to take a snapshot of the fixed version because my video has the falling apart nature gown.

The leaves look better, although they still look a little dry
upclose on the mannequin
It looks fresher here
the back side of this mannequin and its greenery/floral gown
This is the woman that the above mannequin represents.

I already did a video of all 16 greenery/floral gown mannequins, earlier this week. I will probably do a second one later. The other mannequins didn’t have any issues.

my snapshot of South Coast Plaza’s mall billboard of the event

Then, I went inside Macy’s Home, and tried out their Brookstone massage chair. It is $4000. I have always wanted one, but it is expensive and I don’t really have room for it anyway in my small townhouse. The weather felt warm and quite humid today, but there was still a light breeze. I walked 2.2 miles and 5,320 steps in the mall within 2 hours. I returned home at noon.

my snapshot of lemons and flowers decor
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