Evening Workout With Meetup Group

Tuesday, 12.7.21

image by author

It rained all Tuesday morning. I woke up later because I had slept late last night. I have an evening walking meetup today at 6:30pm. So, today’s workout will be outdoors.

View of Turtle Rock homes from Suicide Hill base (my iphone6 snapshot)

I ate a filling salad at 5 pm, before I drove out to the local meetup at 6 pm, which isn’t very far because I have an uncle and a cousin who live in that neighborhood. Eight people showed up at the meetup place, and almost everyone was wearing a puffy jacket. It was cold outside, in the 50s, which is cold for Southern California lifestyle, even though I grew up on the east coast. But after fifteen minutes of walking, I already was feeling warm and sweaty. (I was also wearing a hoodie sweatshirt under my puffy jacket).

My snapshot of Turtle Rock’s Suicide Hill during daytime

At 8:19pm, we were back at the parking lot. Most people went out for a snack afterward at one of the local eateries, The Habit. I wasn’t hungry. I still felt full from my yummy salad. I decided to go home and relax with a cup of refreshing Peppermint herb tea, while wearing my pink and gray comfy fleece pjs, and chenille bedsocks in navy. (I just love clothing with soft texture against my body. Instant cozy and comfy feeling of warmth and relaxation).

My snapshot of Turtle Rock Community Park during daytime

The Turtle Rock sidewalk neighborhood trail is hilly because it is at an expensive neighborhood with large homes, overlooking a panoramic view of the lighted neighboring towns as well as the coastal areas. I have been walking this trail since 2015 when I joined the Meetup.com site. Speaking up Meetup.com, the site was acting up today. They were experiencing internet issues, and I couldn’t get on the site until 5 pm.

View of Newport Beach coastal area from Turtle Rock’s Suicide Hill

According to my iPhone6 activity log, I walked 4.1 miles today, 8,949 steps, and 30 floors.




Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, but raised in America, and now a Cali Girl.

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Fifi Leigh

Fifi Leigh

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, but raised in America, and now a Cali Girl.

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