Day 13: Winter Olympics 2022, Beijing, China

Fifi Leigh
5 min readFeb 18, 2022

Thursday, February 17, 2022

It is a cool day in Irvine, California, sunny and in the low 70s, which was nice. At 4 pm, I took a break from the Olympics and walked outside. It was quiet, but the weather was nice. I checked my mailbox, which mostly had junk mail. I also noticed that I received a Jury Summons Call-In, in which I will be on call for Jury Duty in April. Meanwhile, in Beijing, China, it is cold, windy, and sometimes snowing, with temperatures in the -3 degrees range. No wonder many athletes were having issues on the slopes. (It is Thursday in California but Friday in Beijing, China).

Photo by Dave Kim on Unsplash

Men’s Nordic Combined — Team Large Hill 4x5 Relay — ski jump and cross-country skiing.

USA’s Shumate is in 3rd place, before Finland’s Reponen moves into 3rd place. After Japan’s Hideaki takes his turn, Austria’s Greiderer is in 1st place. Then, Norway’s Bjoernstad is in 1st place. Germany’s Geiger is in 4th place. France’s Muhlethater is in 1st place. USA’s Loomis is in 3rd place and Finland’s Hirvonen is in 4th place. Japan’s Yamamoto takes over 1st place. Austria’s Rehrl is now in 1st place, Norway’s Andersen is in 2nd place, and Germany’s Schmid is in 3rd place.

In the cross-country race, Austria, Norway and Japan are in the lead. Norway’s Oftebro, Austria’s Greiderer, and Japan’s Watabe are ahead. Norway’s Graabak is ahead, followed Austria’s Fritz, Japan’s Yamamoto, and Germany’s Geiger. One lap left in the race. Graabak, Fritz, Geiger, and Yamamoto are moving toward the finish line. Norway’s Joergen Graabak wins Gold, Germany’s Vinzenz Geiger wins Silver, and Japan’s Ryota Yamamoto wins Bronze.

Women’s Half-Pipe Quality Heat

USA’s Fauhaber — 84.25 and 82, China’s Gu — 80.50 and 95.50, USA’s Sigourney — 80.50 and 84.50, Canada’s Margulies — 79 and 82.25, USA’s Logan — 71 and 61, and Canada’s Karker — 88 and 89.50.

Photo by Alex Lange on Unsplash

Women’s Ski Cross Semifinals — Naeslund, Thompson, Schmidt, and Hoffos. In Semifinals 2, Kennedy-Sim, Smith, Maier, and Phelan.

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