Day 13 of Grateful Hearts

I am grateful for my iPhone.

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Saturday, 11.13.21

At the time, I was using my mother’s old cell phone because I rarely used a cell phone unless I went outside somewhere and I needed to make an emergency call. But it suddenly got old with issues, and I needed to find a new one. Everyone around me kept telling me that Apple’s new iPhone is out now, which was the iPhone6, and I should go check it out and get it. They were encouraging me to get it. I noticed it was very expensive. But I finally decided to buy one on an installment program. I also decided to get T-Mobile for my new iPhone6. I used to be with AT&T because my mother’s old cell phone was with that piece-of-shit company, which I cannot stand for so many reasons. Anyway, T-Mobile was my best option, compared to the others, mainly because I liked its program better.

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I was happy, using it for Vlogging and Blogging purposes, creating professional-looking snapshots and videos that received compliments. I carried my iPhone6 with me when I went out, mostly for emergencies, but I ended up using it more for taking notes, snapshots, and videos. And, occasionally, when I was bored, waiting in long lines, or walking on the treadmill, I watched Youtube videos or listened to some music on my Youtube playlist.

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But, sometime in 2020, my iPhone6 was opening up from the side. I contacted Apple a couple of times, talking mostly to their managers for assistance. The Apple store was closed at the time. So, I was looking for alternative places, which involved going on a waiting list, and I waited until there was a local opening. One local place called me, but they sounded like crap. I would rather wait for the Apple store to open up again. So, I waited and waited, and kept calling the Apple managers at the customer service site. Finally, the local Apple store opened. I went there, and they told me that I would have to send it to their repair shop and they will call me when it is fixed.

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I waited but still called the customer service site to check on progress. When I was chatting with one of the managers, he stated that the repair shop wanted to charge me over $3000 to fix something, but I don’t have to pay anything because he will send me a new iPhone6. That week, I went to the Apple store to pick up my new iPhone6. It was brand new and completely empty, like starting out fresh again. As I was trying to think of everything I had on my first iPhone6, I realized that it doesn’t matter because I would rather embark on a new adventure with my new but free iPhone6.

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I have done many Vlogs about local events in the past. I am not an Influencer. I just do videos for fun. I’m not anyone’s puppet salesman, pushing people to buy expensive merchandise they don’t need. The only thing I actually promote is copies of my novels as well as my novel promo tour.

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Since 2020, I haven’t been doing many vlogs, except for art gallery videos, occasional mall events, some virtual reality videos, and outdoor events. I also like taking my iPhone to walking and hiking meetups in order to record beautiful nature sites. I often use my iPhone during my shopping around and window-shopping days to take snapshots of merchandise I might consider buying in the near future. At least, I know where it is at, if or when I need it.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

I basically enjoy carrying my iPhone, everywhere I go, mostly for recording and research purposes. I am like a digital detective, recording inspiring ideas, events, and items for future usage in my blogs, videos, novel, or life. It has become a staple in my purse, along with my wallet, keys, lipstick, retainer box, coin purse, and checkbook.



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