Astroworld Festival 2021 Exposed

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Although I have never heard of rapper Travis Scott, I notice many videos about him recently. So, I click on a couple of videos. He recently had a big concert in Houston, Texas on November 5th –Astroworld Festival 2021. It turned very violent, where many young people trampled on each other to enter the arena. Many people were given some injection, which caused them to fall down to the ground and faint. Ten people died, ranging from the age of nine to twenty-seven, while many others were injured.

50,000 people rushed toward the stage when Travis started performing at nine o’clock at night. That is when the injuries started occurring, and some were unconscious from the incident.

Moreover, Travis Scott is known to incite “crazy mosh pit behavior” at his previous concerts. The ten people who died include “…9-year-old Ezra Blount, 14-year-old John Hilgert, 16-year-old Brianna Rodriguez, 20-year-old Jacob Jurinke, 21-year-olds Axel Acosta and Franco Patiño, 22-year-old Bharti Shahani, 23-year-olds Rodolfo Peña and Madison Dubiski, and 27-year-old Mirza Baig.”

The Houston Fire Department Chief declared a “mass casualty” at 9:40. Of the many people injured, twenty-five were hospitalized. Nine-year-old Ezra Blount had died of issues with his organs, liver, lungs, and brain. The doctors weren’t able to revive him.

Travis Scott continued to perform, even though injuries were happening. “Videos flooded social media of attendees screaming, ‘Stop the show,’ paramedics giving CPR and the crowd assisting an unconscious fan as Scott watches and still sings from above.” But it was later noted that Travis did stop the concert once when he noticed one fan passing out, and he called Security to help this person.

Travis continued performing until the concert ended at 10:10, thirty minutes after the “mass casualty” was declared.

There were also other videos displaying a crowd of fans rushing toward the festival gate and breaking through it, which led to trampling and crushing many people.

Concerts and such overcrowded music festivals are supposed to be safe entertainment venues for all ages to enjoy music in a controlled environment. “None of that was true about the Astroworld Festival.” Furthermore, festivals and concerts have been happening since the Woodstock generation. Therefore, they should have known better from letting this tragic situation get out of hand. Many fans later noted that they noticed demons appearing on the stage during the concert.

Astroworld Festival Satanic Ritual Sacrifice to intentionally mass murder young people. Moloch has to do with child sacrifice, and Bush worships Molech at Bohemian Groves. The poster for the event had the words, SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE, which should have been an eerie hint. Travis Scott’s partner and mother of his kids is Kylie Jenner. He was encouraging violence for profit, for the planned satanic ritual sacrifice to succeed. It all has to do with the Spiritual War that has been going on since 2020 between the satanic 1% Elites and 99% of people worldwide fighting back for their freedoms and rights.

TIMELINE FOR THE ASTROWORLD FESTIVAL 2021: This video analyzes the timeline for the festival. Drake later came on stage with Travis to help him promote their agenda and incite more violence. This video notes that a couple of people were able to be revived. She also adds that a Security Officer felt a “prick on his neck,” and many people were wondering if he was later revived. This girl in the video does appear to be supporting Travis Scott because he is from Houston, and he has donated lots of money and other stuff to improve his hometown, even though she tells a chat commenter she isn’t supporting his actions in any way.

This satanic ritual sacrifice festival happened right after the false flag with crisis actors Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie ended, to expose the 700 indigenous women missing at hiking areas where these two crisis actors were conducting their so-called Influencer-road-trip, leading to “Gabby” mysteriously going missing and the “Brian” body suddenly found after a long botched FBI search which suddenly ended this long movie drama on Youtube as well as mainstream media. It was later noted that the “Gabby” and “Brian” story was actually a satanic psyop false flag and the Florida town was all in on this false flag. “Gabby” and “Brian” crisis actors are likely to be alive but hiding out, like previous false flags. The “Gabby” person was in a 2013 music video to promote the Sandy Hook False Flag. She has a history of working in false flags. This drama mesmerized many Youtubers to follow this story, often wondering about the two missing crisis actors, posing as shitty Influencers. Although they were announced dead to end the movie and the promotion, they are likely to be still alive. But who knows what’s actually true?

I further analyze the “Gabby” and “Brian” Psyop False Flag on my post below.

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Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, but raised in America, and now a Cali Girl.

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Fifi Leigh

Fifi Leigh

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, but raised in America, and now a Cali Girl.

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