Astroworld Festival 2021 Aftermath

Wednesday, 12.1.21

Four survivors from the Astroworld Festival 2021 speak out about the unorganized and poorly planned event, describing the dangerous and life-threatening environment.

A young guy, Ayden Cruz, is interviewed about his experience at the recent Astroworld Festival 2021. He and his girlfriend escaped, but their friend Brianna Rodriguez had died. He tried to stop the show, pleading for security to stop the show because he felt he was going to die. He talks about false idols under MK-Ultra mind control promoting the crap to their fans. He adds that everyone’s opinions are important, and everyone should be heard, but many are ignored, often left to die. He wants people to sympathize with others and listen to people. He adds that people need to form groups and help each other in times of need.

The guy with the middle finger and lack of humanity? (I think that was in one of the videos I posted yesterday. It sounds familiar).

Two security guards, Samuel and Jackon Bush are filing a lawsuit. They talk about their experience at the Astroworld Festival 2021. Jackson thought the fans were already going crazy before the concert started. Samuel broke his hand because he was trampled on and people stepped on his hand. Such violence had happened before, and they wonder why they weren’t prepared for this concert to prevent any sudden injuries and deaths. They weren’t given any walkie-talkies for communication. They were paid ¼ the amount of what they should have received. There was no training for the event.

An ICU RN Nurse, at a North Houston hospital, describes her experience at the Astroworld Festival. Around 8 pm to 8:30 pm, the festival started to get crowded. As the timer countdown neared 1, fans started pushing and shoving to get ahead. She was being squeezed between the crowd, feeling she was about to be crushed, and she fainted. She was unconscious. She woke up but passed out again.

She adds that there weren’t enough medical staff or security guards to help, and children don’t belong in such an environment. The medical staff that was available had little or no medical experience. She felt she could have easily been suffocated, due to asphyxia. (Asphyxia has happened a lot at previous concerts as well as large public events since the sixties. It isn’t something new, and the event organizers should have known better).

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