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Fifi Leigh
2 min readJun 17, 2022

Thursday, 6.16.22

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I started my morning at the gym at 9:30am, enjoying the steam room and sauna, before walking on the treadmill. I decided to walk the Monterey Coastal Trail on the treadmill. I walked 5.01 miles for 75.13 minutes, burning 803 calories, while watching videos Youtube videos on my iPhone.

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I returned home at 11:30am. After talking a shower, I decided to go to the gas station for some gas. Gas prices for unleaded regular is now $6.499/per gallon in Irvine, Southern California; and, in some areas of California, the gas prices are even higher, over $7.

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At six, I drove to Woodbridge Village Center for a book meetup. Around 20 people showed up. I continued reading the book, Wicked. I am rarely reading at home. I usually end up doing something else. So far, the book is interesting. And, Elphaba seems like a normal person with a green face. But she seems to be a political activist, wanting to help the Animals and animals. She seems intelligent, more intellligent than Galinda and other girls in her dorm. And, the college she attends is similar to the Harry Potter college, filled with witches, sorcery, and magick. Galinda is her college roommate. She seems snotty and stuck-up. Elphaba’s younger sister joins her in the same college with her nanny. Lots of politics happen on campus, which fits current society, although the story takes place at some earlier era and time.

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I returned home at around 9:30 pm.

I noticed that my calendar is filling up for the month of June, especially this week.

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