A Sudden Surge of Positivity

Monday, 12.6.21

Photo by Michael Gruber on Unsplash

This morning, I woke up with a sudden surge of energy and positivity. It could be December’s Venus Retrograde, which is about love and beauty, and Venus Retrograde will be in Capricorn. I have moon in Capricorn. I am not sure where it came from, but I just went with the flow, enjoying it. I got ready for the gym, fed Gumby, and drove out of my garage. As I was driving, I suddenly noticed fogginess ahead. So, I turned on my headlights. After all, it is autumn, and slowly creeping toward wintertime in two weeks with cooler weather.

Photo by Cait Stott on Unsplash

I entered the 24-Hour Fitness Gym at the Metro area, and climbed up three flights of stairs toward the classes room. I did some kickboxing high kicks, in every which way, to warm up, as well as some jumping jacks and jumping around because I seemed to have a lot of energy today. At 10 am, the one-hour Zumba class started, and I often improvised the steps because I cannot keep up as well as I am uncoordinated anyway. But I had fun anyway, attempting to do Zumba, but often choreographing my own version of the steps.

Photo by Julia Rekamie on Unsplash

At 11 am, I went downstairs and entered the foggy room called the steam room. I just stood there while the steam inside the small room steamed my face. Two men entered and left while I was inside. I remained standing because the tiled area was too wet to sit on. When I got too hot and sweaty, I went inside the next room, which is the sauna, and chatted with a young man. There were other people sitting inside, but they were quiet and one woman was masked.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

At 11:20 am, I rode the stationary bicycle for ten minutes because I noticed the time, and I need to leave before 11:45 am, since I have two hours of free parking.

Photo by CRYSTALWEED cannabis on Unsplash

I returned home, ate lunch, took a shower, and realized I am running out of food in my fridge. So, I went to Trader Joe’s to buy some vegan and vegetarian food.



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